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15p bright blue FCP/PVA CBar. Plate Q1Q1. Plate block of six.

Fine unmounted mint. 15p bright blue FCP/PVA CBar. Plate Q1Q1. Plate block of six.



DP22B/M Perf PI2r. FCP/PVAD. (stock ref a)

Unmounted mint full perf pane.  FCP/PVAD.  MISCUT ERROR. Perf P12r. as illustrated.



DP11 2p/½p. OCP/PVA Perf P1s (stock ref a)

Unmounted mint pane full perfs as illustrated. DP11 2p/½p. OCP/PVA Perf P1s



4p bistre OCP/PVA. MISSING PHOSPHOR.(value not screened)

Unmounted mint single value not screened ex sheet Cyl.5